I want to buy something. What do I do?

You can buy on ReUseSB as a Guest or with a ReUseSB account. You can sign up for an account here. You’ll be walked through the process of setting up an account and will be able to buy something immediately.  We do strongly recommend you become a registered user of ReUseSB allowing you to track your orders, see order history, rate users and privately message other users and stores.

I want to sell something. What do I do?

Register on ReUseSB as a Seller. You’ll be walked through the process of setting up an account, configuring your store settings, and you’ll be able to sell something immediately.

Are there items I can’t sell on ReUseSB?

You can sell almost anything on ReUseSB except the following: new materials- unless they are handmade, live animals, hazardous waste, adult and mature content, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, offensive materials, illegal goods, weapons and ammunition, and services/personal ads. The site administators reserves the right to ban any seller, buyer or delete any product on the ReUseSB.com.

Can I shop as a guest, without signing up for an account?

Yes, you can browse the site, buy something, and check out as a guest, but you do need an account if you want to sell an item, communicate with a seller on ReUseSB’s Messaging System, and if you want to rate users.

Can I negotiate pricing with sellers?

Sure, just click on the “Ask a Question” button on the specific product’s page. You can communicate with the seller and if you agree upon a different price, the seller can update the pricing on her products page settings.

Does the Art From Scrap Store have the same items as their digital store on ReUseSB?

The Art From Scrap Creative ReUse Store has thousands of items, not all of them could be listed on ReUseSB. If you want to take a look at the amazing array of materials at Art From Scrap, stop by the store during open hours: Thursdays and Fridays,11:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturdays and Sundays, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Can I store my purchase at the AFS Retail Store until I’m ready to pick it up?

If you purchase an item from the Art From Scrap on ReUseSB, it will either be mailed to you or you can arrange to pick it up at the store. If you buy from another seller, your purchase can not be held at Art From Scrap.  Please contact the seller directly for their pick up location.

Can I return items?

Returns are negotiated between the buyer and seller. ReUseSB can’t guarantee that items can be returned. We advise you to inspect the items that you are thinking of buying very carefully. Please contact the seller with any questions before finalizing your purchase on ReUseSB via the “Ask a Question” button on the product page. Any donations made to Explore Ecology during the original purchase is non-refundable.

How can I contact ReUseSB?

Email us at [email protected]. Call us at 805-884-0459 x 11.

What are the benefits of shopping on ReUseSB?

Shopping on ReUseSB saves you money, reduces your carbon footprint, and supports Explore Ecology, an environmental education and arts nonprofit in Santa Barbara, CA.  A minimum of 10% of every purchase (unless the item is free) is donated to Explore Ecology.  Sellers also have the option of giving more than 10% of their sale to Explore Ecology.

By choosing to buy reused materials and supporting artists and craftspeople who create with the environment in mind, viable materials are kept out of the landfill and valuable natural resources are conserved.

If I’m a seller, where does my donation go?

Your donation goes to Explore Ecology, an environmental education and arts nonprofit. Over 30,000 children a year learn about art, ecology, organic gardening, and waste reduction with Explore Ecology educators. Working with kids in school gardens, on field trips, and in classrooms throughout Santa Barbara County, Explore Ecology connects children with nature. You can support this vital work by joining ReUseSB today!

What can I sell on ReUseSB?

You can sell previously owned goods and supplies, handmade items, one-of-a-kind creations, art, crafts, reclaimed materials, and vintage items. Click here to see a list of prohibited items.

Can we list FREE items on ReUseSB?

Yes.  We welcome quality free items on ReUseSB. To list a FREE item, to the Add a Product page, set the price to zero and the product will be listed as FREE on the website.

Is opening a store free on ReUseSB?

Yes, opening your store is free.  Anyone selling a product on ReUseSB creates their own digital storefront whether you are selling a single product or dozens of products. You can name your store and even have an avatar/image associated with that store.

What payment methods can I use on ReUseSB?

ReUseSB uses Paypal and Stripe to process credit cards.  Checks are not allowed.

Is ReUseSB a nonprofit?

Well, kind of. ReUseSB is not a nonprofit but Explore Ecology is, and ReUseSB is a program of Explore Ecology. Learn more about Explore Ecology at www.exploreecology.com

Can I sign up for more than one Store?

Yes, but please use a different email address when registering for your second store.  Each store, even if it is owned by the same person, needs its own Vendor account with a different email address.

What about taxes?

There is no tax on any items sold on ReUseSB since all items are reused, upcycled or handmade.

Can I promote my shop?

Yes! We encourage you to promote your shop so your ReUseSB experience is a success.  Please feel free to post the link to your product on your social media accounts or via email to your networks.

Can I change the name of my Store once it’s open?

Yes, you can change the name of your store.

What happens if I forgot my username and password?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Simply go to the Login Page and click, I Forgot My Username or I Forgot My Password and we’ll send you an email with detailed instructions on how to retrieve your Login information.

Do I use the same account for buying and selling?

You sure do! Sign up for a free account with ReUseSB and shop or sell as much as you want.

Does ReUseSB have a storefront?

We don’t have a storefront, but if we did, it would look a lot like the Art From Scrap Creative ReUse Store- filled with an eclectic array of used goods, reclaimed materials, art, and craft supplies.

Who is responsible for shipping costs, if a product needs to be shipped?

Each seller sets the shipping costs of their products. The default setting for all products is “Local Pickup” and it is up the buyer and seller to communicate the pick up location via the ReUseSB private messaging system or email.

How do I close my store?

If you’d like to terminate your account, head to this page.  Keep in mind, terminated accounts cannot be retrieved– make sure you’re certain you want to delete your account before doing so!